Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just happy

My flowers are growing like there is no tomorrow and looking so healthy. My first rose is now in bloom and the "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" and Orchid Lilies are doing spectacular. the stalks are strong and heigth great. I think I stated before that there were so many plants this year. Someone up there loves me and is watching over and helping my flowers do so well. The weather is cooperating and we are having a few showers and also finally some heavy dew in the morning. One lady asked about my flowers and I just said, I talk to them and tell them they are going to be the prettiest flowers around. They respond by showing off their beauty for me. See,!!! what other tales can I tell today? Oh yes , the reason there is not a photo of my beauties is because I discovered the batteries are dead in my camera. I promise I will replace the batteries as soon as I can. I haven't seen any sign of my calla lily yet, remember "Can You See Me" from last year. I hope the moles that invaded this winter didn't get it. I would really rather not get hostile but might do so if I don't see the calla lily soon.

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Lynda Lehmann said...

The Calla Lily will show up, Sylvia! I wish I could see your garden--sounds lovely.

I have not too much of a garden but plenty of lawn weeds. The payoff for not using chemicals is the baby rabbit who munches in my yard all day, every day! He has grown so much since he first emerged from a hole under the shed--nearly twice his size, now! And he seems to have survived the trauma of the first mowing of his pasture, this week!