Thursday, February 28, 2008

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"Can You See Me"

Won editors choice.
So Happy

Spring Cleaning

I started my spring cleaning today, it seem like I just did fall cleaning. I started with my house plants and they are a little upset with me. It was 31 degrees when I sat them on the back porch (in the sun) and really flushed them with water. After that I put them back inside and found them new spots. I think I may have upset a couple little spiders doing all this. Oh well, better the spiders than me!!
The robins received a treat this morning. The bird bath was frozen so I put some hot water in it and they thought they had their own private sauna.. The water that was draining off the porch from the plants they enjoyed as well.. I stood inside the kitchen window and watched them play.. Also a hawk made off with a black bird. I may not really like all the black birds that hog the feeder, but I didn't like to see death in my back yard either..
Yah, I know, I'm just an old softy when it comes to the wild life. I think the fox that goes through my back yard may have had a romantic encounter. She is looking a bit chubby, if you know what I mean..
Time to get back to my writing, Janie is waiting anxiously to be released.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I voted. Did you?

I voted in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards

Why Not!!

A friend of mine was rather impressed with the "Janie" stories and said when I get through with "Janie" and her mischief, that she would gladly illustrate the book if I would consider doing a book.
Now I ask you, is that the face of an angel, or is the halo just a bit tilted??
This is "Janie" age six.

I know it is still February, but my plants are really getting anxious and some are in bloom, others that shouldn't peek out yet, have..
Of coarse, I am anxious as well, every morning I go out and check to see how they are doing and give them a few words of encouragement.. Yes, I do talk to them!!
We've had some very wonderful rain, very much needed may I add.. I spend a good deal of the day outside, but today it is cold and blah, so I shall do some writing..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And so is Sylvia, Happy!!!!!!!

This has been a very happy day for Sylvia and also her Janie... An e-mail came from Helium and I will put in quotes what it said...

"Hi Sylvia,

I am the new subchannel steward for Memoirs. I just finished reading your memoir about remembering your grandpa

Janie... Wow she will remember this all her life even at age three.

Thanks for writing this wonderful story.

Yours, Cyn"

So Sylvia is so happy and pleased that she finally received recognition.. I think I forwarded to everyone I knew!!! In fact I know I did!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Janie is really happy

Well Janie had a really wonderful birthday, you may check it out on the Helium Blidget right here or you may go to

I shall also insert a picture of Janie on that special day.
I hope you enjoy and don't forget to rate "Janie"...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Keeping up with Janie!

Janie is having so much fun on Helium. She is three years old.

In a day or two I hope to have another adventure with Janie at age three.
Been a little (actually a lot) under the weather. But Dr. said I would live.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh what fun!!

Earlier this week I was awakened about 2:00 A.M. feeling extremely cold. I finally slipped out from under my covers and raced to start the gas wall heater, it was really cold that night. I then went to adjust the thermostat and nothing happened, so I tried again. My furnace would not come on. I was so cold that I couldn't think straight. Finally I went to the kitchen and turned on all four burners hoping for more heat. Boy did I get it fast. There were two small and I do mean tiny spots of grease on one burner, and that is all it took. That little tiny itsy bitsy amount of smoke set off both smoke detectors immediately, if not sooner. No fire, just a little puff of smoke. I rushed to the first one waving my arms frantically telling it to shut up. Then to the other one doing the same thing. Now that one would stop-start-stop-start and in between I was turning on fans. I finally got the smoke detectors to stop, and believe me there is nothing to put you in fear faster than that sound at 2:30 in the morning.
Finally I was able to think sanely again and I knew the furnace had pulled that trick before. About three years ago I remembered that I had to flip the breaker switch off and then back on. That did it and so off went the stove burners, gas heater and after adjusting the thermostat I crawled back under the covers. A shame there wasn't a video, because I am sure that would have won first place with honors as well.

Finally Back to Writing

It feels so good to finally be back writing. I posted one last night and one this morning. Helium is where you will find me but you can check my blidget out right here as well. Here are the URL's for the last two.

Please keep watching because the next one I'm working on is under the creative writing
Humor: Giving Birth

If I pull that off I think I shall deserve a medal!!! I know what I want to say I just have to come up with 400 words.