Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Not!!

A friend of mine was rather impressed with the "Janie" stories and said when I get through with "Janie" and her mischief, that she would gladly illustrate the book if I would consider doing a book.
Now I ask you, is that the face of an angel, or is the halo just a bit tilted??
This is "Janie" age six.

I know it is still February, but my plants are really getting anxious and some are in bloom, others that shouldn't peek out yet, have..
Of coarse, I am anxious as well, every morning I go out and check to see how they are doing and give them a few words of encouragement.. Yes, I do talk to them!!
We've had some very wonderful rain, very much needed may I add.. I spend a good deal of the day outside, but today it is cold and blah, so I shall do some writing..

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