Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Christmas wish for you:
May God grant you many years to live,
For surely He must be knowing
The earth has Angels all to few
And Heaven is over flowing

Friday, October 10, 2014

Frog Prince is back

True confession time: Many of you last year heard the Tails about "Peeping Tom Frog Prince". 
Well he is back at it again only this time he is driving me Crazy!!  
I had a new security light installed on the back porch and I do know from "Bella's barking when it is something to check on or not!! Scientists will Laugh but who cares I know it is the truth!! Dear little frog has figured out how to jump on the sensor and then his bugs will come to the light and he is a happy camper, since "Bella" was not barking I went and stood to watch and see what was setting the light off and on.. Sure enought Frog Prince was having the time of his life catching bugs while the light was on and then would jump back on sensor when light went off... People think they are only thing with brains but believe me Frog Prince knows how to get his own supper!! Many people can't even do that!! LOL!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Janie Ponders

Janie ponders.....
As she watches a fog bank roll in today. She remembers the fun time she shared at the monthly craft show.
A very dear friend was concerned about the lack of sales due to the beautiful weather on the Outer banks of
North Carolina. People spend the time on the beach and not their money. 
Janie laughingly volunteers  to go outside and do a rain dance to bring the shoppers inside.
About an hour later the sky began to darken and every vendor was anticipating possible sales.
Several of Janie's friends wander toward the doors to see if the rain would soon begin.
Janie's dear friend returned and smiling he stated, "Never trust a damn Yankee to do a 
proper rain dance."
Looking out and to her surprise Janie sees fog as thick as pea soup.

Janie also due to the cold dreary weather remembers her first winter in the south with
her new husband of three months. The weather was due for sudden drops in the beautiful 
seventy degree weather to possible snow by morning.
Janie was fixing supper and could hear her husband opening and closing dresser drawers and closet doors
in their bedroom. Finally Janie went in to see what all the commotion was for.
Janie's husband asks, "Have you seen my toboggan?"
Janie looks a bit puzzled and quietly asks, "Why are you looking for a toboggan in the bedroom?"
While in her mind she was thinking she  had married a madman.
Janie's husband then states, "Well just where else would you keep a toboggan?'
Janie solemnly answers, "In the garage, where else."
"What?" her husband says, "Why in the garage?'
In order to keep her sanity she smiles and says, "Because it is too big to fit in
a dresser drawer."
"What do you mean, too big, my head isn't that big." he declares.
It is at that moment Janie remembers the language barrier can be 
different from North to South. Being a bit devilish she said, "I always slide down a hill on mine."
Now Janie's husband is thinking he has married a crazy woman. Once they each explained
what their toboggans were used for, they laughed and kept looking till they found his toboggan 
in the pocket of his winter coat. It very much resembles what I call a ski hat.
Janie listened as her husband laughed and teased her about sliding down a hill
on it. After a while she smugly went and retrieved her Webster's Dictionary.
Thankfully not only found the word toboggan but a picture of a long flat sled with a curved up front.
She puts the dictionary in his lap and he sees she is smiling very devilishly as he reads and looks at the picture.
He quietly closes the book, slams it on the coffee table and with a big smile he declares,
"Yes and this is a 'Damn Yankee' dictionary."
Janie and her husband laughed every winter about the toboggan incident!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Great Grandson

Jensen is now 3 weeks old and doing nicely at home with his wonderful Mom, Dad and older brother Parker.
And I am so happy and proud!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Peeping Tom Frog Prince"

Janie has had a very busy summer. She was having problems sleeping near the middle of July; right around full moon. After tossing and turning Janie decided the only way she would get sleep would be to take a half a pill. Being near full moon there was no reason to turn on lights because there was plenty of light coming from the moon. She went to the kitchen to get some milk to wash down the pill. While standing there drinking the milk Janie noticed a nose pressed against the window. The kitchen curtains are cafe style and the nose was just above the top of the curtain, midway up the window. Staying very calm she finished her milk and thought she seen the nose move. Sure enough it moved, it hopped eight inches up the window. Completely relieved, Janie put the milk away and stood there laughing like a loon. You have to understand she was going to call dispatch to report a "Peeping Tom". 

Several days later while checking her FB page, she seen a picture of a frog relaxing on his back with the caption, "I'm Awesome", "and that is something you will never be".  Janie posted the picture and then confessed about her experience with the "Peeping Tom Frog" a few days earlier.

Naturally friends and relatives made comments. One of them being, they would have loved to hear Janie's explanation to the deputy over a nose pressed to the window was really a Tree Frog.

About two weeks later, Bella, Janie's puppy was barking madly and going for the dining room window. Janie goes to check out the commotion. There on the inside of the window is the "Peeping Tom Frog". Unfortunately she couldn't catch it and figured it had escaped back out through the A/C in the window.

The next day she updated the latest episode on her profile page. At this point he was then being called the "Peeping Tom Frog Prince" for surely he was looking for a kiss. She was also told to be careful not to let him wet on her or she would get warts. By this time it was more funny than when it first happened and cartoons or pictures of frogs are showing up on the profile page. 

The grande finally came on the Friday of Labor Day weekend!!

Janie was at her PC and Bella was at her feet under the desk. All this is normal. Suddenly Bella is jumping and barking, running around and finally jumps on the love seat, puts her paws over the arm and is looking at Janie like, "Help me please".

Lo and behold Janie spies the problem.

"Peeping Tom Frog Prince" is hopping all around and headed for the dining room window again. Janie grabs a handful of tissues and is in pursuit of a very fast frog and dog. He lands on a very large lid and so with tissues in one hand and lid in the other Janie heads for the back door. Half way across the kitchen "Peeping Tom Frog Prince" decides he likes it inside and makes a giant leap for a plant there. Bella of course is trying to herd him and Janie sees him headed for the laundry room and all Janie is thinking is please don't go in there I will never find you. He jumps on the furnace door,and in one swift move Janie has the tissues over him. She puts him outside in the plants where he can eat some nice juicy bugs.

Janie goes back to her PC and reports the latest on"Peeping Tom Frog Prince". Naturally more pictures and comments show up. She did report that, "NO, she did not kiss him. Now they are feeling sorry for the frog and states, "It was probably his last chance to become a Prince".

I have to add this because more has happened. Janie's sister sent her a notice that there was a gift for her that she needed to finish a collection for one of the games they play. Janie opens the page for the gift and sure enough it was a "Tree Frog". Janie laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. Then right behind that from her cousin was a picture and recipe for "Frog cookies".  Janie sat and pondered last night in the quiet with moon shining through the windows, it is almost time to bring the plants back inside for the winter. She wonders if perhaps her "Peeping Tom Frog Prince" will be burrowed in one of the plants. Do you think this is the end or will there be more to come?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I am proud to announce that I am a new Mommy as of 4 PM today.. She is a beautiful baby girl--half miniature Corgi and half miniature Dachshund she was born Thanksgiving Day but she is all mine now!!!  Her fathers name is Wee and her mothers name is Bella so I named her "Wee Bella" because she is a very small beautiful Lady!!!  I am so proud.. She just fell asleep after her dinner and outside for potty like a good girl!!  I will take pictures once I get my program to match my camera downloaded.. Her fur is like the Corgi and her ears like a Dachshund!!  She is mostly black with4 white paws and a couple little splashes of brown.. Did I say she is Beautiful!!! I think I am in love!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I miss you!

I cried when you passed away. I still cry today. Although I loved you dearly, I couldn't make you stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands at rest. God broke my heart to prove to me he only takes the best.
Keep this rose going for anyone in heaven that you've loved and lost - but never forgot
In loving memory of my husband Calvin December 7, 2007

In Loving memory of my Grand Dad Alphonso December 8, 1952

Friday, January 7, 2011

What a way to spend holidays

I'm just leaving a quick note to let you all know I am slowly getting back to normal, or at least as close to normal for me.
Back in early December I was on medication for what was to be a bad sinus infection. But I kept getting weaker . Good reason for it though, my sinus infection turned into bronchiole pneumonia and I have never slept so much in my life.
I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I didn't even know it was for I slept through out every bit of it.
I do slightly remember the snow storm the day after Christmas. But only because I had posted some pictures of it on Face Book.
Better late than never, "Happy New Year".

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow again!

This is my new creation: "Snow flowering cabbage".
Makes for an odd but interesting picture.
Today we really got hit and about 6 inches at first then changed to rain ice mix.
I am hibernating for now because I find that is the best way to stay out of danger or in other words, Southern drivers.
Watch it will probably be in the 70's for Christmas.

My Christmas wish for you:
May God grant you many years to live,
For surely He must be knowing
The earth has Angels all to few
And Heaven is over flowing.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Friday, November 19, 2010

family reunion-age 3

Janie was just over three years old and it was family reunion time. She was very excited that everyone was coming to the farm, especially her Great Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary wasn't like so many other ladies in the family. She always had a hug and a kiss for Janie, and she would let you talk. Of course Janie still had to learn all the right things to say. It was so hard for Janie to be prime and proper, still she would do it for Aunt Mary.

Oh, she had arrived. Janie could hardly stand still, yet she knew she must because she would get a kiss. Yes Janie did, and she also learned how to place knives, forks and spoons beside each of the plates. The napkins were special too for they were linen, they to had a special place. Then Aunt Mary showed Janie how to sit and place a napkin in her lap carefully placing one hand over the other and above all sit still and you mustn't speak unless spoken to. Oh, this part was so very hard to do, for Janie was just bursting inside to say all the things she had learned and experienced since last she had seen Aunt Mary.

The great oak table had all the extra leaves and the linen table cloth was pressed, not one wrinkle. How could there be so much food? Beef, pork, chicken and most of all a huge bowl of mashed potatoes with wonderful butter dripping down the sides. Janie had helped make the butter and had even had a small glass of buttermilk; it was heaven, she thought. She also knew that in the big pantry with all the high shelves were all kinds of pies and cakes, just out of reach for Janie had stood on tippy toes to try. Then Janie spied the most wonderful sight of all. Scalloped potatoes and ham. How would she keep from wanting to lick the plate? Had she not been taught: waste not-want not!

The dinner was going wonderful and everyone was laughing and talking. Janie did not talk for she had not been spoken to. Little ladies did not know about tractors, farm animals, hay or crops. She really did though because she had ridden on the tractor and fed the animals hay. So why couldn't she talk about these things? Janie did however watch Aunt Mary and learned what each fork and spoon was and when to use these implements.

Soon everyone was finished with all the wonderful food. The chatter began and there was so much laughter. How Janie wished to be part of all this gaiety. Aunt Mary was sitting quietly with her hands in her lap and Janie did the same. OH finally, she was being addressed. Aunt Mary had asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up, Janie?"
Janie pondered this special question and then gave her best honest answer.
"Oh Aunt Mary, I want to grow up to be just like you, an Old Maid."
You could hear a pin drop for a hundred miles it was so quiet. Janie heard Grand Mother clear her throat and I knew this usually meant trouble. Not this time, for Aunt Mary intervened and kissed my forehead and said, "I am so glad and so proud of you Janie."

I will say that the next time I received a spanking, I do think I received 'one for good measure'.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Written October 2007

Falling in Love

Too many relationships are based on physical and sexual attraction. It took me many years to discover the shallow thinking of so many people.

I had lived a sheltered life growing up on the farm. I thought when you said, "I love you", it came from the heart and was spoken truthfully. I had no idea it was merely a way for another person to use you, for what ever was convenient for their needs.

I failed miserably when it came time to pick a life time mate. After two complete failures, I gave it up as a lost cause. I threw myself into my job and raising my two children. Even that proved to be a challenge, for the whole world was changing so fast. The children grew up, left and I was a lone. It felt as if a cocoon had enveloped my life.

Then one night I wakened from a realistic dream. There was no one to discuss it with, but there it was popping up when I least expected.

The phone rang; my brother was gone from lung cancer. The trip to his funeral was 800 miles. Everyone was on edge during the trip. After wards, I was asked to stay and help my brother's wife. I really didn't know her, but something kept tugging at my heart to stay. She didn't take to being a lone, and would drag people back to the house all hours of the day and night. Then she decided to play match maker. I flatly turned the gentleman down three times, but no one listened.

There I was, in my mid forties and this man was very attentive. Everything was falling into place so fast. As we drove up the long curving driveway past the little vine covered church, to the home place, my dream from six months earlier finally made sense. I knew I had found my soul mate and he also knew he had found his soul mate.

It hasn't been hard or painful to love completely for either of us. Nineteen years later we are still so very much in love.

I add this with a heavy heart.

Just over one month ago my beloved passed and has gone to where no harm will ever befall him.
He was diagnosed with a very rapid growing cancer two days after this article was composed. One month later he was gone.
I shall forever be grateful for the nineteen years of complete happiness and that he at least knew not to pay any attention to my saying I did not wish to date him.
Please take my true words and don't turn your back to soon, or you may never know true, complete happiness.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Man and his first "Boat"

Bon Voyage:

There are moments in a man’s life when a wish or a dream is fulfilled. Today is that day August 28, 2010. Young love, true love born in reality of the open sea.

Sleek in her lines, smooth and gentle as she sways and awaits your touch. You take command, you feel the warmth and she responds taking you with her to the height of passion as your heart beats wildly. The air is fresh and clean as you both ride the cresting waves. You lead as she responds to your touch, the joy of being as one, going to a higher ecstasy never before felt. The rapture over takes with each crest and ebb of the waves as the peak of passion is to the point of complete satisfaction.

As moonlight filters through, she sways gently and in her rhythm you find the peace of a love you will always hold in your heart. Drifting together you will awaken and once more know she is yours to take to the dizzying heights of the perfect wave of a passion beyond all expectations.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Art in Heaven

Today has been one of remembering. I believe it has been brought on because a song keeps popping in my head and won't go away. "Yesterday"! I came across this story I had written just before my husband was diagnosed with the deadly brain tumor. We would sit and talk for hours and then he suggested I write the story of my art in Heaven.
Here it is, enjoy!

When artists are gathered at a show, they tend to brag on the amount of art they have sold and where their art is around the world. I had only been attending shows for two years and my bragging rights were mainly the eastern half of the United States, no grand foreign countries. My shows were limited to the enclosed mall in a tourist area of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where about six shows a year were scheduled.

I soon got over being shy and would remember people that had admired and possibly bought a piece of my art. There were a couple artists that took me under their wings and would help me, especially in pricing, and encouraging me every step of the way to be successful.

I had recently raised my prices, as suggested, when this priest that often walked through the mall to check out the work the artists had on display stopped at my booth and said, "I would like to buy one of your lighthouse etchings before you get to famous and I can't afford one."

Naturally I was so happy with a successful weekend.

About a year passed and I noticed the priest once again looking at my art. I wanted him to know that I had appreciated his patronage and that I recognized him. I shyly asked if he was enjoying the light house etching, and he replied, "Oh that wasn't for me, that was for my boss."

My mouth dropped open as I gazed towards Heaven. After several seconds, my husband realized I was in shock and gently poked me in the ribs to bring me back down to earth. He whispered to me, "I don't think he means that high up."

My face turned red as the priest smiled, winked and walked on. My husband lets my imagination run and lets me have my delusion that I have a piece of art in Heaven by saying, "Just be glad you didn't have to pay the freight."

Janie on living.

"I want to live".

The daily calendar diary from her birth flashed as did the lightning. Janie was born amidst the violence of WWII with all the doctors and medicine being sent to the war. It was June of 1944 and Janie was two months old. It was haying season and all the available relatives had come to help. They also wanted to see the beautiful new baby girl. One of the relatives was contagious with whooping cough. This was the beginning of almost a year long fight for survival. Every day the calendar read, still no medicine, we almost lost little Janie again today.' Then on April 8, 1945 the entry read, Janie made it today she is one year old.'

The year Janie turned seven a tragic accident took the sight of her left eye. This was the beginning of a life long struggle for survival in many different forms. At age thirteen the operations were still not successful. Then at the tender age of seventeen she married and eleven months later gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She felt that life was good and she was content and happy. Then at age nineteen Janie was informed by her doctors that the left eye would have to be removed immediately. Little did Janie know that she was also four weeks pregnant? The operation was successful and she then received the newest style plastic eye that moved just like the other eye. She also gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Life seemed to be good, but on her twenty-first birthday her husband decided to celebrate and left Janie home to tend the children. She was awakened near three in the morning barely able to breathe and feeling heavy blows to her face around her left eye. She could feel the life slipping from her body as her drunken husband choked and beat her attempting to kill her. Survival hit Janie as she found enough strength to fight free not knowing that her three year old son had already ran from the house for

: Help. The last words she heard before she collapsed were, "I can't stand your eye." He ran and was never seen or heard from again.

Janie not only picked herself up and carried on but she also had two small children that she had to see survive too. Janie threw herself into raising her children and for many years didn't feel the need for a husband. As she headed for what is known as the middle ages she again attempted a relationship which failed as well. She returned home from a family funeral and found her picture tacked to the garage wall with a bullet hole through the left eye. Janie's survival instinct kicked in fast as she and her newly widowed sister-in-law packed what few clothes and personal items they could and left and never looked back.

Janie wanted nothing more to do with men at this point in her life but fate change the path once again. She had refused to date this one persistent gentleman. Then due to a fake note Janie ended up on a date with him. That night both their lives changed and a love so true and complete caught them both off guard. They spent the next nineteen years in wedded bliss, happiness and love. Janie was content as was her husband. Then in two short months happiness was snatched from her by a quick growing cancer. Her husband was taken from her and she was once again faced with survival alone.

Janie lived quietly doing what she had done before so many years ago. Then two days after her sixty-fourth birthday a note arrived on her computer simply stating, "I'll be watching for you." Feelings swept through Janie identically to the ones the day she had won the lottery so many years ago. These feelings always meant only good things to come. Sure enough he was there and a friendship grew and as with many there were some hitches to over come. That we have done. Janie will continue to survive but she wants desperately to see these words in her next instant message.

"I want to live."