Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Man and his first "Boat"

Bon Voyage:

There are moments in a man’s life when a wish or a dream is fulfilled. Today is that day August 28, 2010. Young love, true love born in reality of the open sea.

Sleek in her lines, smooth and gentle as she sways and awaits your touch. You take command, you feel the warmth and she responds taking you with her to the height of passion as your heart beats wildly. The air is fresh and clean as you both ride the cresting waves. You lead as she responds to your touch, the joy of being as one, going to a higher ecstasy never before felt. The rapture over takes with each crest and ebb of the waves as the peak of passion is to the point of complete satisfaction.

As moonlight filters through, she sways gently and in her rhythm you find the peace of a love you will always hold in your heart. Drifting together you will awaken and once more know she is yours to take to the dizzying heights of the perfect wave of a passion beyond all expectations.

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