Sunday, March 25, 2007


One of the ladies from WWAO just returned from a ghost hunting trip in New Orleans. She has some rather interesting pictures from her trip on her new lens on Squidoo.
Let me warn you right now, as I was viewing this lens, strange things were happening. My mouse, started scrolling by itself, I tried to vote and it would not let me, so I decided to leave a comment, and then my vote, not the one I had voted on, came up as if I had just voted for that question. And then every other letter in my comment was missing. It took three tries to get it in properly.. I imagine it was my ghost being jealous for viewing someone's ghosts other than mine.. Thousands won't believe it but it's a fact just the same...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Northern Lights

Just did my first digital painting. Hey!! I don't have any paint on me... It was actually fun. I had tried other programs and everything turned out in squares. I love this program and will spend more time getting it down pat.. It's been a long time since I had seen the Northern Lights, but can still remember that I was afraid of these strange lights in the late summer sky. You ask, "How long ago?" Lets just say the reason I seen them was because the farm had an outhouse, and that was one long path to get to it. Owls hooting, strange lights in the sky, believe me I could really run fast.. If you wish to make comments, you can at the bottom..
Now, my Bonsai project, I have several branches wired and a lot of prickers in my fingers.. Still have several branches and some trimming to do.. Then you will see the picture..

Monday, March 19, 2007

WWAO by media

The ladies of Worldwide Women Artists Online have been busy as spring bees. Building blogs, making lenses and doing what we do best, CREATE.. One of the Squidoo lenses that is interesting is the:
I hope you will all stop by and check out some of the beautiful creations... We are listed by media, our web-sites and a short sentence on our art... I know you will find it very enjoyable...