Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Peeping Tom Frog Prince"

Janie has had a very busy summer. She was having problems sleeping near the middle of July; right around full moon. After tossing and turning Janie decided the only way she would get sleep would be to take a half a pill. Being near full moon there was no reason to turn on lights because there was plenty of light coming from the moon. She went to the kitchen to get some milk to wash down the pill. While standing there drinking the milk Janie noticed a nose pressed against the window. The kitchen curtains are cafe style and the nose was just above the top of the curtain, midway up the window. Staying very calm she finished her milk and thought she seen the nose move. Sure enough it moved, it hopped eight inches up the window. Completely relieved, Janie put the milk away and stood there laughing like a loon. You have to understand she was going to call dispatch to report a "Peeping Tom". 

Several days later while checking her FB page, she seen a picture of a frog relaxing on his back with the caption, "I'm Awesome", "and that is something you will never be".  Janie posted the picture and then confessed about her experience with the "Peeping Tom Frog" a few days earlier.

Naturally friends and relatives made comments. One of them being, they would have loved to hear Janie's explanation to the deputy over a nose pressed to the window was really a Tree Frog.

About two weeks later, Bella, Janie's puppy was barking madly and going for the dining room window. Janie goes to check out the commotion. There on the inside of the window is the "Peeping Tom Frog". Unfortunately she couldn't catch it and figured it had escaped back out through the A/C in the window.

The next day she updated the latest episode on her profile page. At this point he was then being called the "Peeping Tom Frog Prince" for surely he was looking for a kiss. She was also told to be careful not to let him wet on her or she would get warts. By this time it was more funny than when it first happened and cartoons or pictures of frogs are showing up on the profile page. 

The grande finally came on the Friday of Labor Day weekend!!

Janie was at her PC and Bella was at her feet under the desk. All this is normal. Suddenly Bella is jumping and barking, running around and finally jumps on the love seat, puts her paws over the arm and is looking at Janie like, "Help me please".

Lo and behold Janie spies the problem.

"Peeping Tom Frog Prince" is hopping all around and headed for the dining room window again. Janie grabs a handful of tissues and is in pursuit of a very fast frog and dog. He lands on a very large lid and so with tissues in one hand and lid in the other Janie heads for the back door. Half way across the kitchen "Peeping Tom Frog Prince" decides he likes it inside and makes a giant leap for a plant there. Bella of course is trying to herd him and Janie sees him headed for the laundry room and all Janie is thinking is please don't go in there I will never find you. He jumps on the furnace door,and in one swift move Janie has the tissues over him. She puts him outside in the plants where he can eat some nice juicy bugs.

Janie goes back to her PC and reports the latest on"Peeping Tom Frog Prince". Naturally more pictures and comments show up. She did report that, "NO, she did not kiss him. Now they are feeling sorry for the frog and states, "It was probably his last chance to become a Prince".

I have to add this because more has happened. Janie's sister sent her a notice that there was a gift for her that she needed to finish a collection for one of the games they play. Janie opens the page for the gift and sure enough it was a "Tree Frog". Janie laughed so hard she almost fell out of her chair. Then right behind that from her cousin was a picture and recipe for "Frog cookies".  Janie sat and pondered last night in the quiet with moon shining through the windows, it is almost time to bring the plants back inside for the winter. She wonders if perhaps her "Peeping Tom Frog Prince" will be burrowed in one of the plants. Do you think this is the end or will there be more to come?

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