Friday, October 10, 2014

Frog Prince is back

True confession time: Many of you last year heard the Tails about "Peeping Tom Frog Prince". 
Well he is back at it again only this time he is driving me Crazy!!  
I had a new security light installed on the back porch and I do know from "Bella's barking when it is something to check on or not!! Scientists will Laugh but who cares I know it is the truth!! Dear little frog has figured out how to jump on the sensor and then his bugs will come to the light and he is a happy camper, since "Bella" was not barking I went and stood to watch and see what was setting the light off and on.. Sure enought Frog Prince was having the time of his life catching bugs while the light was on and then would jump back on sensor when light went off... People think they are only thing with brains but believe me Frog Prince knows how to get his own supper!! Many people can't even do that!! LOL!!!

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