Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Janie Ponders

Janie ponders.....
As she watches a fog bank roll in today. She remembers the fun time she shared at the monthly craft show.
A very dear friend was concerned about the lack of sales due to the beautiful weather on the Outer banks of
North Carolina. People spend the time on the beach and not their money. 
Janie laughingly volunteers  to go outside and do a rain dance to bring the shoppers inside.
About an hour later the sky began to darken and every vendor was anticipating possible sales.
Several of Janie's friends wander toward the doors to see if the rain would soon begin.
Janie's dear friend returned and smiling he stated, "Never trust a damn Yankee to do a 
proper rain dance."
Looking out and to her surprise Janie sees fog as thick as pea soup.

Janie also due to the cold dreary weather remembers her first winter in the south with
her new husband of three months. The weather was due for sudden drops in the beautiful 
seventy degree weather to possible snow by morning.
Janie was fixing supper and could hear her husband opening and closing dresser drawers and closet doors
in their bedroom. Finally Janie went in to see what all the commotion was for.
Janie's husband asks, "Have you seen my toboggan?"
Janie looks a bit puzzled and quietly asks, "Why are you looking for a toboggan in the bedroom?"
While in her mind she was thinking she  had married a madman.
Janie's husband then states, "Well just where else would you keep a toboggan?'
Janie solemnly answers, "In the garage, where else."
"What?" her husband says, "Why in the garage?'
In order to keep her sanity she smiles and says, "Because it is too big to fit in
a dresser drawer."
"What do you mean, too big, my head isn't that big." he declares.
It is at that moment Janie remembers the language barrier can be 
different from North to South. Being a bit devilish she said, "I always slide down a hill on mine."
Now Janie's husband is thinking he has married a crazy woman. Once they each explained
what their toboggans were used for, they laughed and kept looking till they found his toboggan 
in the pocket of his winter coat. It very much resembles what I call a ski hat.
Janie listened as her husband laughed and teased her about sliding down a hill
on it. After a while she smugly went and retrieved her Webster's Dictionary.
Thankfully not only found the word toboggan but a picture of a long flat sled with a curved up front.
She puts the dictionary in his lap and he sees she is smiling very devilishly as he reads and looks at the picture.
He quietly closes the book, slams it on the coffee table and with a big smile he declares,
"Yes and this is a 'Damn Yankee' dictionary."
Janie and her husband laughed every winter about the toboggan incident!

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