Thursday, February 7, 2008

Oh what fun!!

Earlier this week I was awakened about 2:00 A.M. feeling extremely cold. I finally slipped out from under my covers and raced to start the gas wall heater, it was really cold that night. I then went to adjust the thermostat and nothing happened, so I tried again. My furnace would not come on. I was so cold that I couldn't think straight. Finally I went to the kitchen and turned on all four burners hoping for more heat. Boy did I get it fast. There were two small and I do mean tiny spots of grease on one burner, and that is all it took. That little tiny itsy bitsy amount of smoke set off both smoke detectors immediately, if not sooner. No fire, just a little puff of smoke. I rushed to the first one waving my arms frantically telling it to shut up. Then to the other one doing the same thing. Now that one would stop-start-stop-start and in between I was turning on fans. I finally got the smoke detectors to stop, and believe me there is nothing to put you in fear faster than that sound at 2:30 in the morning.
Finally I was able to think sanely again and I knew the furnace had pulled that trick before. About three years ago I remembered that I had to flip the breaker switch off and then back on. That did it and so off went the stove burners, gas heater and after adjusting the thermostat I crawled back under the covers. A shame there wasn't a video, because I am sure that would have won first place with honors as well.

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Linda said...

What an adventure you had, my friend!