Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm keeping my promise

As I promised; here is the picture of my "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" and my Orchid Lilies gone wild. It is only mid-May and usually they are only about six to twelve inches tall but this year they are already over three feet tall. I would dare wager that they will go past the eves at this rate. Any Takers?
Last year one of the blooms on the orchid lily was almost twelve inches across. Also if you go back to my post "Spring has sprung" you will see the same spot only with my Easter flowers just blooming. A very drastic change wouldn't you say. Ahhhh my mommy and grandma would be so proud...
While I am thinking about it; Mother's Day we had a tornado touch down less than four miles for me. The reason I say we is because my son, on the phone from Michigan talked me through the radar because I couldn't get anything on TV. All Hail and lightening broke loose and we hung up and I went to my safe spot. It may have been the scariest Mother's Day but I feel it was pretty sweet too.

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Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Very pretty! You are an artist and a horticultural too. You surround yourself and others with such beauty. ;-)