Friday, May 30, 2008

Super-seven Meme-just for fun

nickersandink has tagged me for a meme. this is my first tag and looks like fun.
I have tagged five others listed below.

Instructions for the Super - Seven Meme:
Answer seven questions about yourself
posting their responses on their own blog.
you may answer anyway you like.

Post five more with their blog as I did below.
Post and visit blogs..
Enjoy and have fun!!

But how on earth do you follow Nickers and Ink??

Super - Seven Meme
1. Ten years ago May 1998

I was planning a large art and craft show, looking forward to making plenty O' Money.

2. Five things on today's TODO list.

1. mowed lawn
2. edged flower beds
3. Delayed lunch
4. washed bedding-Shook feather bed
5. made bed- should sleep great tonight.

3. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

I'd make a lot of people happy campers. That would last for a while so you know how that goes, no one would be satisfied.

4. Three bad habits,

1. Collecting too much of everything.
2. Drinking too much coffee
3. Neglecting house work

Five places I've lived

North Carolina

6. Five jobs I've had

computer operator

7. Five people I'm Tagging for Meme.
This is optional

Linda at:
Ruth at:
Jan at:
Sujati at
Michelle at:

Just have fun everyone and enjoy!!

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