Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What was that??

At 3:27 AM, I was startled from my sleep by a tremendous boom. Then I saw lightening and another roar. I later found out that a tornado had touch down here in Grandy and was headed for the Currituck Beach Lighthouse across the sound about 5 miles as the crow flies. Oh well, so much for a full nights sleep.
I'm just glad it was over quick and without any damage. I just received pictures from what hit my home area of Michigan last night so it was a little unnerving to say the least. Oh yes, of coarse Omaha, NE. as well..My knees are beginning to get flat spots from all the praying..
Good news, my "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" flowers have reached the eves of my patio. I am so proud of my flowers this year. But camera has let me down. I now have to replace the card. It wasn't the batteries at all.
Shall I continue.
A bouquet of roses appeared on my porch with a card from my husband. If you've read my blog or know me you know that hasn't been possible since he died in December. Then one week later, Belgium chocolate hand dipped strawberries and huge cookies arrive. Same message. So after calling my Dr. he sent the paramedics over to get my vitals. I finally over came this mess by laughing and saying, "Hubby would have went to my flower garden, picked me a bouquet and put them in what ever vase was handy, not a Waterford Crystal vase". No way can you use a credit card from heaven.. I guess it helps to have a sense of humor every now and again.
Let's see now, I really should find something else to do but can't work outside because our temperatures have been so hot. Yesterday 100 degrees in the shade. This is not normal. It has cooled a little today because of the rain, or whatever went through this morning. I think I will read for a while, but I will probably get into trouble doing that, it seems of late I can manage without ever leaving the house. Maybe that's what I'm doing wrong!!

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Royce Tivel said...


At the best of times, with the photographs I take, I've only ever been able to approximate the beauty of the flowers I love. However, whenever I look through the camera lens, I am forced to look closely at the flowers and am always thrilled with what I see.

I certainly enjoy the flower images you have on your site. Thanks for sharing them with us.