Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Only portrait

I came across the only portrait ever done of my husband and also realized it was the only portrait that I also had ever done.. It is a very good likeness and he was pleased with it.. Maybe I better stop while I am ahead, and go back to the wicked stick men..I'm great at those..LOL
I have been busy going through antiques and tools in the garage so that my dream of an art gallery can become a reality.. Tons to go through, I just hope they don't accidentally tag me..
I have let mother nature take care of the watering of my flowers, and she did a good job last night. So good to hear the rain falling, makes for good sleeping..

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Donna Ridgway said...

Hi Sylvia,
You did a great job on your portrait of Calvin. He was so handsome and looked so kind. I also like the sense of humor you caught in his eyes.

I think you have a talent for drawing people also...don't stop!