Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Orphan Works Act
Subject: [worldwidewomenartists] orphan works bill

this has been sent to me regarding this unthinkable bill please read
and sign the petition to protect our rights as artists.

Many Artists such as myself had no idea that there was legislature in
Congress right now that
will began as a well intended bill but has been manipulated by image
companies and others so that
artists will lose implied copyright and will be forced to register at
a cost each painting into MULTIPLE registries
or their work will be considered public domain. All the money we
have spent on copyrighting our work over the
years will be useless.

This will severely impede our ability to sell paintings online as we
will have to wait to be officially registered before
publishing a work. ( Right now the law protects our work.)

This is being pushed through super fast and we have less than 48
hours to be heard! PLEASE
follow the link below and if you agree PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!

http://www.gopetiti /no-to-orphan- works-act/ sign.html

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