Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rain and sun makes for interesting weather

I remember Grandma always saying, rain and sun shining would mean bad storms. Well I do believe it is time to batten down the hatches. We've been receiving some of the rain and my flowers are really coming along in happy fashion!
My Azalea bush will bloom for my birthday, so I know everything is on time this year. I know the blooms won't be as full and beautiful as last year, due to the beetles that attacked last year.
I am anxiously awaiting Saturday evening, my friend I grew up with will arrive for a long over due two week visit. All I can say is, "Northeast North Carolina" will never be the same! News must travel fast, because so far I have received phone calls from my oldest brother, my friends, boyfriend and if I see my sons phone number come up, I am NOT answering the phone. I already received a lecture on being out at my age after dark. I do believe I gave a similar lecture 30 some years ago..
Trixie is on her way to New Jersey. I hope she arrives safe and sound!

My birthday wish is:*************************!!

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