Saturday, January 20, 2007

Spring is in the air

I know, right now, so many people feel like spring will never get here.
Good news.
The mocking birds are courting, so spring won't be far.
Since I love nature so much, I was touched by the
male so tenderly, and almost shyly, pecking at the
female. She, very coyly, backed up a few steps and
then waited for him to make his next move.
Ah love in the spring.
I know you are wondering why this makes me
so happy. Because after the neighbors cat killed the
female mocking bird, and then listening to the male
set there and cry, I was heart broken. I managed to
do my best "Pretty bird" impression while my husband
slipped over and removed the deceased female. I did
distract him and for almost a year now, whenever I
stepped into the backyard the male would chat at
me. So I would do my best to keep him talkative.
Believe me his tone changed completely whenever
my husband appeared. Now you know why two
people are happy and we also have a happy
pair of mocking birds!!

1 comment:

Janie said...

Hi Sylvia,
That is a great story! It's nice to know that care about wildlife. No wonder you're so good at painting them! I'm also pulling for your "spring is in the air"! I'm tired of the cold!!!
Keep up the good work!