Tuesday, December 5, 2006


In my bio for Yessy, I stated that I would reveal later, why I thought I had a painting in Heaven. True confession time.

Just shortly after I had started going to art and craft shows, I was told by several people my prices were to low. So I raised them. A priest that often walked through the mall had always taken the time to stop and see what was new. He noticed that my prices had gone up and so he told me,"Before you become famous, and I can't afford your prices, I will take the etching of the 5 most recognized light houses of North Carolina."

A couple years passed and I happened to recognize the priest, once again checking out my art. I asked if he was enjoying the wood ectching. He replied, "Oh I didn't buy it for myself, I bought the painting for my boss." I stood there with my mouth hanging wide open, and gazing upwards toward heaven. About that time I felt a punch in my ribs, and a voice behind me said, "I don't think he means that high up." Needless to say my face turned bright red, and the priest smiled and winked as if to say, "I'm going to make you wonder."

I am still holding on to my first thoughts. Of coarse my husband helps my vision by saying, "Just be glad you didn't have to pay the freight."

Authored by:

Sylvia Outlaw

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Buying original art on the internet

I have been told people will not buy original art on the internet, because they would rather see it in person.

I believe it is the perfect way for people to be exposed to original art and view different art that is inspirational and not reproduced by a robot, such as seen in retail stores. Stop and think of the perfect pieces of art in the retail stores, and I will tell you, it is impossible to paint 1,000,000 paintings all exactly the same.

My heart and soul goes into each and every painting. I have been asked by many, "What is your style?" I can only reply, "My own unique style." I do not copy the old style, modern or old masters.
I paint what I see either in my dreams or what nature presents to me. I thank God for the creative powers He has instilled in me, and the original way He has allowed the paintings to flow from me.

I love nature and just recently I was informed the 88 acre farm where I raised, will be turned into a wild life preserve. My heart soared and needless to say, I am homesick, maybe in the spring I can go for a visit.

authored by:

Sylvia Outlaw