Saturday, December 2, 2006

Buying original art on the internet

I have been told people will not buy original art on the internet, because they would rather see it in person.

I believe it is the perfect way for people to be exposed to original art and view different art that is inspirational and not reproduced by a robot, such as seen in retail stores. Stop and think of the perfect pieces of art in the retail stores, and I will tell you, it is impossible to paint 1,000,000 paintings all exactly the same.

My heart and soul goes into each and every painting. I have been asked by many, "What is your style?" I can only reply, "My own unique style." I do not copy the old style, modern or old masters.
I paint what I see either in my dreams or what nature presents to me. I thank God for the creative powers He has instilled in me, and the original way He has allowed the paintings to flow from me.

I love nature and just recently I was informed the 88 acre farm where I raised, will be turned into a wild life preserve. My heart soared and needless to say, I am homesick, maybe in the spring I can go for a visit.

authored by:

Sylvia Outlaw

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Anonymous said...

Nice sentiments, wish you all the best, your work is beautiful.