Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just checking in!

Sorry but I have been a little busy, I will get back to regular posting and bring you up to date about my flowers and all things bright and beautiful. I completely redid four of my flower beds and am looking forward to seeing my lovely orchid lilies once again. They are already about one foot high. We have had some rain periodically so every flower and bush seems to be happy.
As you know full moon is tonight and even though I have slept soundly, there has been traces of the reoccurring dream. I felt like I seen the hair but still no face. Oh well life goes on and if it happens then so much for mysteries.
I finally went to have my blood checked, from the incident back in October when something poisoned my system so badly. Doctor says I have beautiful blood once again. OH NO, did I say full moon tonight!! Please don't let any vampires read this post.LOL

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Sylvia Outlaw said...

Sounds like you are doing better than I am..I have yet to make any thing on the internet.