Sunday, March 7, 2010

I may regret this post!

I have for the most part of my sixty five years lived I small towns. Never in my life had I encountered any trouble till I moved to a small community in North Carolina.

In twenty one years I have had bank statements opened. Bills missing causing extra money in canceled checks and late fees.

The most frustrating is the missing birthday and Christmas cards especially if they have an out of state return address. We have continually reported these actions to the stat postal inspector only to be told that there is a waiting list to be put on a waiting list for this area.

I have many times had to stand in line to mail a package for over half an hour with only three people in line. It is evident that the local gossip is more important than sending mail. Letters that should arrive in three days take upwards of six days.

The most outrageous incident was a birthday card sent to a special friend in Pennsylvania. I deposited the card at 11:45 AM in the inside slot for out of area mail. One hour later I received a phone call from a lady that recognized my name on a ripped check found in her front yard. We retrieved the ripped envelope, check and card. We proceeded to confront the post master only to be given excuse as to how it happened. They wanted the evidence and said they would handle the situation. We refused, sent the evidence to the Post master general for our state from a larger city out of state. Four weeks later the person mysteriously was replaced and sent to another state. During the remaining time we only received flyers and advertising.

We still have bank statements opened at least four times per year and certain cards missing from immediate family members out of state. The important mail that I have to send requires extra money due to certification, but at least I know they receive my messages.

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