Thursday, August 30, 2007

Please vote

Not for presidential people but for my photo, "can you see me".. I have been accepted and now I need any and all votes.. I won't promise to lower taxes or make you rich, the only thing I can promise is that you will make me very happy..


Friday, August 17, 2007

Recognition Finally!!

I have been really, finally enjoying myself. I joined (BOOM BOOM BOOM) and have received more recognition in 2 weeks than in 4 years of trying to get my original art and photos noticed.
I was also asked to be moderator of the WWAO group (Worldwide Women Artists Online.) It is a private group for we ladies that are 49+. But there are so many groups to join and meet new people. They have even started an art gallery for all artists.
There is also the regular WWAO which is for any age lady.
My yellow Calla Lily "Can you see me" made a very big hit. Everyone was looking for me instead of realizing I was being funny, as due to the bright yellow of the flower.
I have received several badges already, wrote a tribute to my Grand-Dad Sheldon, and try to put my 2 cents worth in on several subjects as well.
I have accrued 44 friends and am in 17 groups.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Yellow Calla Lily

I just discovered today that has items for sale featuring my yellow calla lily. If you go to their web-site you can put my name in their search box and it will show you the different items that will be for sale. I decided today to order a couple mouse pads for gifts. Sooooo if you are one of the people that love calla lilies you might want to check it out. They also have my Weird Brown-eyed Susan listed too. I guess I didn't say, I will be featured in the book best of photos and photographers for 2007. I am very pleased about the recognition.
I believe you start the search with Outlaw and then you get a list then you see Me, Sylvia Outlaw, listed twice, the 1st is from last year, the 2nd is the calla lily. Since Christmas isn't too far off, you might wish to do some early shopping.
It finally rained here for a short period, but at this point anything is welcome.
I have been a little tied up lately, doing so research for WWAO and also enjoying the new friends on You know 50+ Boom Boom Boom.......They have an art gallery plus all types of groups to be in and speak you mind or at least try, and as they say it does help the ol' grey cells....