Friday, August 17, 2007

Recognition Finally!!

I have been really, finally enjoying myself. I joined (BOOM BOOM BOOM) and have received more recognition in 2 weeks than in 4 years of trying to get my original art and photos noticed.
I was also asked to be moderator of the WWAO group (Worldwide Women Artists Online.) It is a private group for we ladies that are 49+. But there are so many groups to join and meet new people. They have even started an art gallery for all artists.
There is also the regular WWAO which is for any age lady.
My yellow Calla Lily "Can you see me" made a very big hit. Everyone was looking for me instead of realizing I was being funny, as due to the bright yellow of the flower.
I have received several badges already, wrote a tribute to my Grand-Dad Sheldon, and try to put my 2 cents worth in on several subjects as well.
I have accrued 44 friends and am in 17 groups.

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