Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reincarnation-What type of life after death?

Janie has always been a curious person. As a child, she would always ask questions of her Mother. Mom knew how and what to answer. Today Janie wishes for her Mother because she has questions many people would like to know the answer.

This question has been on Janie’s mind for many months. She laughs and jokes about this subject with friends and family. Deep down inside Janie finds she would like to know more about “Reincarnation”.

When you are raised in a Christian manner, you accept and believe what you are taught. Then out of nowhere some thing happens and you question your sanity, beliefs and all you have been taught.

Janie and her husband had both been very fond of wildlife and often would go for a drive through their area of residence to observe. Many times, just sitting on their patio, they could watch deer grazing, a possum searching for a scrap of food and both truly enjoyed watching the foxes. They never tried to tame these creatures for they were born wild and should remain wild.

Approximately a year and a half had passed since Janie’s husband had died. In her heart she felt he was in heaven. Late in April, Janie’s beliefs were shaken.

She had tossed some stale bread out for the birds or what ever creature passed through the back yard. Janie was standing by the open kitchen window when a fox appeared out of the slowly falling dusk. This fox immediately seemed different to Janie. It was in no hurry to grab the bounty and run as the others often did. This fox sat and slowly chewed each bite till all was gone.

The next evening Janie noticed the fox waiting patiently near the patio. Janie knew if she opened the door the fox would run for the cover of the woods. But this fox did not run. Watching Janie place the skin of the baked potato and pork chop bone on a paper plate the fox remained sitting quietly until Janie was back inside her home. Only then did the fox approach, sit and slowly enjoy the meal. Each day this fox appeared and Janie then observed that it was a female fox with nursing young. Then to Janie’s surprise the fox bowed its head. After the submissive gesture the fox looked Janie straight in the eyes. Janie’s heart skipped more than a few beats, for she had never seen a fox with eyes like this, for they were more of a human eye. Janie knew those eyes. She had gazed into them before.

Janie never knew what time or when this fox would appear. Janie observed from inside and would watch as this special fox would eat part of what was given, then bow toward the window, where Janie stood quietly watching, pick the rest of the food up in her mouth and leave. Janie was prepared the next evening with a set of binoculars. The same beautiful eyed fox followed the same ritual except for a different time pattern than the other foxes. Janie watched through the binoculars and discovered two small babies waiting.

Janie called her cousin long distance. They talked of family and friends. Finally Janie mentioned reincarnation and told her cousin of the strange female fox with twins. They both laughed for many times Janie’s husband had spoken to her cousin about the enjoyment of watching the foxes.

Janie and her cousin simultaneously said, “Well at least he knows what giving birth feels like, and it serves him right for coming back as a female fox.”


Aries said...

Interesting story. Chinese believes when someone passed away, that few days before the funeral, they get to see animals around their house and they are not suppose to kill any of it for fear that they came back to visit before they go up in another form.

Lynda Lehmann said...

Well written, Sylvia, and an interesting story! One never knows, about these things....

Lynda Lehmann said...

PS - This fox was a lot more interesting than the one who sprinted past my house. No mystery there--he was in pursuit of lunch. Period. :)