Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ready for internet marketing

I now have my new blog up and ready to go for my new venture. I know I have more to learn but the major points are done. I have my new domain name and my new blog as well as host server. Now the hard part, getting customers.
Since this blog is a little of everything, I will let you know my Gardenia bush is loaded with blooms. Some times they can really be over whelming. Especially on a hot muggy day like today. Also a pink calla lily bloomed today too. These are the little things that do make me happy, therefore I can proceed with my studying and internet marketing.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

So Happy

I was so excited this morning when I went out to my flower beds to check on some recent transplants. My precious yellow calla lily was finally peeking through, and it brought tears to my eyes. If you haven't seen it in all it's beauty then scroll down for you will find the photo posted "Can You See Me". After winning an award on that photo last fall, I would have been heart broken to have lost it because of moles tunneling under everything and finding some of my lovely lily bulbs over 18 inches down in the ground.
I decided to make it easy on you and just uploaded the photo of my calla lily. This was a special gift for my birthday 8 years ago and that is why I am so protective of this special plant.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big sister can be cool-ants continued

As to my ant problem I found out what was going on. These ants are called soap ants and are attracted to soap, they love the soap. That is why under the drain board in the kitchen, in the bathroom sink and even the clothes washer. My sister had this problem so she knew what was going on.
While I am at it I might as well let you know about a couple other goodies from my sister. In trying to cut back on costs of foods you naturally go for less expensive, right? NO! I was complaining about the taste of my foods because of using a less expensive cooking oil. Wrong again. It is less expensive to buy a bottle of good olive oil, not only does it help the taste of the food but you only use a touch of it instead of a lot and your food doesn't stick either.
So next time your big sister gives you advise, take it and use it, they are smarter than you think. Maybe that is because they have been around longer. Oh, sorry about that, she is a smart sister.
The picture is of the farm we grew up on. Not an ant farm!