Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Big sister can be cool-ants continued

As to my ant problem I found out what was going on. These ants are called soap ants and are attracted to soap, they love the soap. That is why under the drain board in the kitchen, in the bathroom sink and even the clothes washer. My sister had this problem so she knew what was going on.
While I am at it I might as well let you know about a couple other goodies from my sister. In trying to cut back on costs of foods you naturally go for less expensive, right? NO! I was complaining about the taste of my foods because of using a less expensive cooking oil. Wrong again. It is less expensive to buy a bottle of good olive oil, not only does it help the taste of the food but you only use a touch of it instead of a lot and your food doesn't stick either.
So next time your big sister gives you advise, take it and use it, they are smarter than you think. Maybe that is because they have been around longer. Oh, sorry about that, she is a smart sister.
The picture is of the farm we grew up on. Not an ant farm!

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