Sunday, November 8, 2009

So Sorry

I know it has been some time since I lasted posted on my blog, but things have been a little rough and time consuming. I will catch you up now and even though my blog says, "Things that make me Happy", the only happiness is that I am here to write about this.
In September I found myself not feeling to good and becoming weak. I was eating fine, yet found it hard to really do much. I was planning on visiting my doctor the evening of October 1st. By mid-afternoon I was at the point where I finally admitted to myself I couldn't wait that long so I dialed 911. I agreed to go to the hospital and was trying to be brave even though I really don't like hospitals.
After being admitted, tests were ran and finally the doctors came to talk to me. They had all been very kind and understanding so I was happy about that. I was told that I had some way ingested some thing poison, my white blood count was at 18 and my lower intestines was a mass of infection.
They gave me a little food to eat (yes I was paranoid) in order for me to start the antibiotics.
I had called someone to come and get me home and asked that she bring me a jacket because I was half frozen. She arrived and had brought me a full length flannel nightie and a jacket. I asked why the nightie and she said she figured I might be easier to get to bed than to try and change after taking medication.
One hour after taking the medication I started having strong cravings for Scallops Alfredo. I think I drove her crazy saying I could even taste them and here she had me riding home in a flannel nightie.
While I am on this subject I might as well confess that I also had life's most embarrassing moment. After arriving at the hospital safe and sound one of the medics sat down next to my bed still asking questions and making out papers. All of a sudden a pain hit and hit hard. I yelled and said which way to bathroom. I will say he can move very fast. Before the nurse could get to me it was too late. All I can say is why did it have to be the most handsome hunk ever and I had to have a not so nice accident.
I have been eating bananas and drinking gator aid trying to build some thing back plus eating better. I also had the craving for Scallops Alfredo every time I took the antibiotics. It has only been the last few days that I have started feeling almost human again.
They couldn't say what I had ate because it had been close to eight days prior and didn't say what type of poison. I just have to look in the frig and I become paranoid but I know I have to eat to be better. I will be a good girl and all I can say is I hope I never have to face that medic ever again.

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