Sunday, August 2, 2009

Slideup ads

Let me ask you a quick question. The last banner ad you saw
on a website - what was it about?

You have no idea, right?

That's because so many of us have become accustomed to banner
ads, link exchanges and popups, we simply close them, no matter
how good the offer might be.

If you've tried popup ads, hover ads and link exchanges but
haven't gotten the traffic you expected, you'll love what I
just found.

It's called SlideUpAds. Slide Up Ads are a different
kind of advertising network. Instead of having a big ugly
pop up stuck in the middle of your screen or an irritating
banner ad flashing the same message over and over, your ad
scrolls up smoothly from the bottom of the screen and scrolls
with the viewer, so they notice your ad while they're reading
other content.

You get to customize your ad message and links, and you can
even show your ad on competing websites in the same niche!
Imagine what kind of conversion rates you could get from that!

Check out a demo of SlideUpAds and then join for free at

It's completely free to join and you never pay for any
advertising, plus you keep 100% of the sales you make!

I can't think of any ad network that's fairer than that!

Sign up now at
- you'll be glad you did!

To your success,

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