Sunday, August 17, 2008

About Auctions in response to comment!!

I have been asked to expand on my auction. Here goes.
I found myself in a position where there were funeral and headstone to pay along with many bills from doctors and hospitals. As I sat in my Doctors office the words of my late husband kept running through my brain. No we better save this or no you will need these things later on.
I went home and got out the phone book and carefully assessed the different auction and antique dealers in my area. I made the call and left my name and phone number. Shortly my call was answered and an appointment was made to come assess what my position and theirs and would we be able to work my situation out. We agreed and started going through many antiques that I would be willing to part with. Things moved slow and a lot of red tape had to be cut. Then one morning I awakened very early and as I sat sipping my coffee a plan formed. I knew I wanted my art gallery and the garage was the only logical space. That was filled to the rim with tools of every shape and size imaginable. I called early and spoke to the antique dealer and asked what would happen if we tried to have the auction right here rather than carry them all over the state to different auctions. They had been speaking of the same idea that morning as well.
They went ahead and in about two weeks we had permission from the county to have the auction here.
Now the fun part, we will start Monday sorting and preparing tables in the garage and all other aspects of the auction are in place. They are handling every thing: signs, advertising, auctioneer, permits and parking. This will be at a cost of 25% goes to them and 75% goes to me. I do know that many places charge as high as 35% for doing an auction.
The hard part is the memories, you will have to put them safely away in your heart.

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