Saturday, March 8, 2008

I await with !!

Oh they are trying ever so hard to push through and arise with all the glory and beauty that spring can offer!! All this rain has really stirred my flowers and they are coming a long great. I picked my first batch yesterday and the smell of double daffodils waft through the air all night long. I still fear for my "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gates" for I'm sure we are not done with frost yet! They come up from seed and believe me they are up in abundance this year. I shall watch ever so close and if necessary, tuck them in at night should a cold spell hit. We are at 66 degrees this morning with rain heavy at times. I'm loving it. If you have never grown flowers in sand during a drought, then you wouldn't understand how my heart soars when I see the beautiful blooms! This I can say proudly since you can all enjoy the photos that I post.
I am going to once again this year attempt to grow Moon flowers, it has been a few years since I last grew them. My friend has also promised me some of her "Red Hot Poker" plants.

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Patricia Lanchester said...

Sylvia. This is Patricia, a fellow member of the Artistic Club at Yuwie. I fully enjoyed myself here. Your world is beautiful and you command the paint brush, my dear. I wish you even more success.