Sunday, September 16, 2007

October art exhibit

I'm not missing this one. The first art exhibit online for WWAO is still running and will till September 30th 2007.
We are all getting ready for the 2nd exhibit, October 1st through October 31st.
Each will be hosted by a different member.
Last month I had so much trouble trying to resize my photo that I completely reduced it to cyber space and lost it completely. I have studied more about pixels/inches and finally got it right.
My pretty white fawn that a few ladies named "Princess Outlaw" is my choice. The reason they named her after us was because I painted 4 paintings of Princess Outlaw.
I will be putting the information here and on Eons as I did for the first show. That was a real trip, due to what I believe were a few jealous men. What they didn't realize was that the more they posted the more the others seen the post and the first day over 1500 people visited. Bless men they can be more helpful than they realize by protesting.

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