Friday, May 30, 2008

Super-seven Meme-just for fun

nickersandink has tagged me for a meme. this is my first tag and looks like fun.
I have tagged five others listed below.

Instructions for the Super - Seven Meme:
Answer seven questions about yourself
posting their responses on their own blog.
you may answer anyway you like.

Post five more with their blog as I did below.
Post and visit blogs..
Enjoy and have fun!!

But how on earth do you follow Nickers and Ink??

Super - Seven Meme
1. Ten years ago May 1998

I was planning a large art and craft show, looking forward to making plenty O' Money.

2. Five things on today's TODO list.

1. mowed lawn
2. edged flower beds
3. Delayed lunch
4. washed bedding-Shook feather bed
5. made bed- should sleep great tonight.

3. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

I'd make a lot of people happy campers. That would last for a while so you know how that goes, no one would be satisfied.

4. Three bad habits,

1. Collecting too much of everything.
2. Drinking too much coffee
3. Neglecting house work

Five places I've lived

North Carolina

6. Five jobs I've had

computer operator

7. Five people I'm Tagging for Meme.
This is optional

Linda at:
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Michelle at:

Just have fun everyone and enjoy!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Princess Garden

This is my new area for mostly my Japanese Red Maples and other smaller bushes that hopefully will grow to be much larger. In the little waterfall fixture that doesn't work any more I discovered a tiny spring frog in the fixture. Just as I finished the new garden I heard her start to sing. I got a tear then and named it "Princess Garden". It really sets the back yard off and shows up so beautiful as you drive up the driveway.
I can hardly wait for it to develope and will probably spend a lot of time making sure all is OK. I seen a couple other spring frogs in the pump house the other day, so I just may have to catch them and put them in the new garden. And they all lived happily ever after. LOL

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm keeping my promise

As I promised; here is the picture of my "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" and my Orchid Lilies gone wild. It is only mid-May and usually they are only about six to twelve inches tall but this year they are already over three feet tall. I would dare wager that they will go past the eves at this rate. Any Takers?
Last year one of the blooms on the orchid lily was almost twelve inches across. Also if you go back to my post "Spring has sprung" you will see the same spot only with my Easter flowers just blooming. A very drastic change wouldn't you say. Ahhhh my mommy and grandma would be so proud...
While I am thinking about it; Mother's Day we had a tornado touch down less than four miles for me. The reason I say we is because my son, on the phone from Michigan talked me through the radar because I couldn't get anything on TV. All Hail and lightening broke loose and we hung up and I went to my safe spot. It may have been the scariest Mother's Day but I feel it was pretty sweet too.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day

For all the mothers I am wishing
That hubby did not choose to go fishing.
for this is our day
and home he will stay.
Or no meal on his plate will we be dishing!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Just happy

My flowers are growing like there is no tomorrow and looking so healthy. My first rose is now in bloom and the "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" and Orchid Lilies are doing spectacular. the stalks are strong and heigth great. I think I stated before that there were so many plants this year. Someone up there loves me and is watching over and helping my flowers do so well. The weather is cooperating and we are having a few showers and also finally some heavy dew in the morning. One lady asked about my flowers and I just said, I talk to them and tell them they are going to be the prettiest flowers around. They respond by showing off their beauty for me. See,!!! what other tales can I tell today? Oh yes , the reason there is not a photo of my beauties is because I discovered the batteries are dead in my camera. I promise I will replace the batteries as soon as I can. I haven't seen any sign of my calla lily yet, remember "Can You See Me" from last year. I hope the moles that invaded this winter didn't get it. I would really rather not get hostile but might do so if I don't see the calla lily soon.